Sunday, March 1, 2009

I was meant to eat and tell.

I have been passionate about food and all that goes along with it for as long as I can remember. I love food so much so that I can talk about it all day and all night. I love to describe what I have eaten, suggest what others should eat, and simply share my culinary experiences. I never tire of it. Even with two small children to raise and an amazing hubby (who fortunately supports my love of food addiction) I never ever tire of the culinary journey I have made of my life.

I will travel near and far to seek out new food, make it a point to try new eateries on a weekly basis and go to great lengths to satisfy all the various cravings that pop up in my food loving mind! Watch out....if my kiddies are not snotty and my husband and I have gotten them to bed without an overwhelming amount of stalling....WATCH OUT I will do my best to ensure that we experience a meal that makes us go "wow, mmm, yummy" and I will gladly share with all of you what and where made my tummy say WOW! Join me if you will on my journey, because I am simply passionate about food ;)