Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini Me

Ben at a Mother's Day Brunch 2011 eating shrimp and salmon roe
on mini blintz and drinking sparkling apple cider
One of the biggest benefits to loving food and experimenting with food (at least in my household) is having it rub off on family members. Its a benefit because they not only partake in my passion but in the case of my son (my husband has come a long way and my little girl is getting there) he actually shares the passion!

An after school lunch ritual that began when my son started first grade in September of 2010, confirmed what I have happily been observing for a few years now! My son's palate is slowly morphing in to mine! I am officially a proud Momma of a bona fied food-lover who is on his way to understanding, appreciating and sharing the same passion for food as I at his tender age of six!

He chose a spicy shrimp pasta during this lunch out
Tuesdays are a short day for Ben and school finishes at 1:30. I pick him up and we head straight to a late lunch. Just the two of us. He not only makes for great company because of his incredible sense of humor (forgive my obvious bias) but he is so into food and enjoys eating so much that there are very few I'd rather share a lunch date with.

Loving his french toast at Charlie's at Farmer's Market on Fairfax and 3rd
We often head to sushi on these Tuesday afternoons as that is his absolute favorite. He even deciphers between the "OK sushi place down the street" vs. "the special places, like katsuya or kushi yu I try telling him that we save the "special sushi places" for special days, like maybe a birthday celebration or him doing expectational work in class on a given day.

Sushi is a Fave!
You see if I allow, then we'd be slobbering over cut rolls and sashimi together daily and I am not sure these pricey lunches are the best example for a six year old. So we try to balance between the "special places" and the "OK"ones. After all its more about spending quality time together!

Another Italian Lunch
OK I promise there is a point to this. This is not just self-righteous mumbo jumbo where I pride myself on the diverse food offerings I give my child and the wonderful job I have done introducing various foods to my family! NO, I am actually trying to make a point, sort of.

For a long time I was convinced food obsession would only rub off on adults i.e. my husband mainly. I've now learned that this is not at all the case, and passion is contagious to even the tinniest of palates. Bottom line is if you have kids DO NOT DOUBT their capacity for culinary bounty. I am surprised every day by the understanding, desire and appreciation kids have for food. And we are not talking mac n cheese and nuggets here (sadly I see this all too often). That's not to say Mac N Cheese and Nuggets are a bad thing. I just wish more people would "skip the box" and drive through and make it from scratch!

Clam Chowder Lunch, his absolute favorite soup! Although as he
puts it "The soup has to me chunky and with HUGE clams not
the little ones"!  
So go out and oooh and ahhhh in front of your kids about foods you never thought they'd try. Do not restrict yourself if you are a food lover as I am. Bring it on, show them the ropes, spread the passion and they will gladly follow! You owe it to them and I promise you it makes life Sooooooooo much easier when your kids are not just eating the same 5 things. Hey imagine the possibilities, the new restaurants, or as Dr.Seuss would say "The Places You'll Go"!

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  1. I love this blog so much...I think it's absolutely fantastic that Ben is so adventurous. From a mom of a picky 3 yr old I need to be more pushy on trying new items. This was a feel good blog ;-). Hope to see you soon!!