Saturday, June 11, 2011

Real People Eat Meat...At least in TEXAS

Last Friday we flew down to Austin, TX for a quick weekend visit with my father in law. Eight months ago he moved there "for the river and greenery" as he says. But after this weekend I suspect the real reason for his move may have been the meat. BBQ in particular and Rudy's Country Store BBQ to be exact.

I am obviously joking as it seems he did relocate mainly to get away from the big city feel of LA. I do not joke however when I say that I CAN in fact see someone moving to Texas for the Meat, I sure would. And although I've not had much experience with real southern BBQ nor have I ever been down South, I know enough about food to understand that what happened at Rudy's was magical. A rite of passage of sorts for all involved and that included my husband, my kids, my father in law and his girlfriend (I was shocked they hadn't tried BBQ since they moved).
At first site Rudy's is an unassuming joint adjacent to a shell gas station, but upon entry you immediately realize that that is so not the case (they have a few locations throughout Texas, I only had the pleasure of visiting this one). First you are taken by the incredible smokey smell of meat. And as you enter the humongous interior filled with communal tables and peek to the outdoor seating with sprawling green pasture and even peacocks walking around, you know instantly this place is special. Oh and special it was.

We quickly skimmed the menu, decided on the chicken and "cutters choice" brisket (combo of extra moist and lean). Grabbed a tub of coleslaw, and within minutes were carrying a box filled with fine smelling meats, sides and a loaf (yes loaf) of sliced white bread. That's how they do it in Texas Y'all....a LOAF of white bread to wrap up your succulent, perfectly smoked and seasoned BBQ. DANG it was GOOOOOOOD!

Rudy's BBQ Chicken

Rudy's Brisket

Rudy's Coleslaw

Our Tray of Goodness

From here things moved really fast and the actual events are a bit of a blur as I was smiling like the village idiot and snapping pictures between bites, finger licks and occasional sips of cold beer. Now, about the white bread, here is what I learned. Apparently there is an actual process to eating at Rudy's I would like to outline for you in a few simple steps. Luiza (my father in law's girlfriend's daughter who brought us to Rudy's) kindly showed me THE WAY, and for this I will forever be greatful. Trust me you'll thank me for this should you ever come face to face with a loaf of white bread and meat that looks so good you don't know what to do with yourself.

Step 1
Grab yourself some onions, pickles and as much BBQ sauce
as you want. Grab extra! For there is nothing that should interrupt your eating once you start and
that includes getting up for more sauce.
Step 2

Take a piece of the soft white bread and pour some of the
tangy, spicy fluid perfection that is Rudy's BBQ sauce on it. I actually
drank a bit of it at one point the stuff was so good.
Step 3

Add the meat!
Chicken, brisket, whatever. Just take that moist, orgasmic goodness
and top the white bread with it.

Step 4

Add some onions, pickles and more of that tangy, spicy, peppery
BBQ sauce.
Step 5

Fold the edges of the bread in like a taco, careful not
to drop any filling!
Eat, chew, don't chew, swallow, moan, groan,
stomp your feet, hit the table with your arms, ooh, aah, mmmm,
mmmm, do whatever is necessary to get you
through step 5.

Step 6
Repeat steps 1-5 as many times as you wish.
There is a reason after all they give an entire loaf of bread.

What a fabulous time in Austin, TX. Thanks to all who hosted us, you are wonderful and we loved your hospitality. We'll definitely be back for more of Austin, more of your kindness, and Rudy's of course!






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