Sunday, February 27, 2011

First "official" Post

OUCH I haven't written since 2009, but I am back and ready to share! This post is the start of something new. Stay tuned for my thoughts, passions, adventures and stories about ALL that is food and my excursions IN and THROUGH food .
Since my first and only post about sushi I have been quietly eating, living, cooking, raising my 2 beautiful kids, and experiencing life with my husband.
I started my blog to share my passions with all of you and am now more then ever I am ready and determined to do so.
Obviously I love food. I love all that is food, its colors, tastes, smells, and all that it means. For I live through food. Food for me represents new territories, adventures, pleasantly familiar and excitingly unfamiliar things. I longe to share with others ANYTIME I experience something wonderful through food and that is why I started this blog.
I hope you follow my passions and adventures, starting today. We will travel, explore, investigate and ofcourse EAT!

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