Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Sunday

Its Oscar Sunday....and although I am excited to see the 2011 red carpet celebrity fashions, I am WAY more excited about the after parties particularly what they will be eating!
Now that our favorite celebrities can eat (since the golden statues have been handed out the need to deprive in preparation for the big day is no longer) what are they going to scarf down?

Let's talk about the governors ball. One of the biggest Oscar After parities. Last night I dreamt (I can only dream of such a thing) that I was invited. Oh boy, what I would do to go...and its not that I have some star stricken desire to mingle with Hollywood celebrities, that is not it at all. I want to see what they eat! I want to see what is worthy of being served at these parties.
Year after year chef Wolfgang Puck is the "chosen one" for this HUGE event, 17 years in a row to be exact.

I hear hand passed hour devours and reception stations will consist of everything from sushi, sashimi and shellfish to mini Kobe beef cheeseburgers with remoulade and aged cheddar and OMG black truffle pizza with ricotta and thyme...and drum rolllllll crispy rice with Hamachi. Do you see why I dreamt I was invited? I wanted to be in the same room as the Hamachi, the young Japanese yellowtail used primarily for sushi and sashimi and at times grilled for a shioyaki (a "salt grilled" method of cooking poultry or fish over very hot coals). OK hot coals, perfectly tender grilled hamachi, why are we not eating this right now?

Moving on from the appetizers, although its hard for me to move past anything that contains truffle and ricotta especially in one concoction, I have no choice as I am salivating for the main course of course.

I hear a trio of Mr. Puck's signature salads will be served ...OK I see..we're opening up the palate a little, but I am ready for the big stuff. I can however wait a little longer as I hear the salads are colorful, tangy, sweet, savory, perfectly balanced beautiful little works of art!

I am too hungry at this point to go into great detail, but I will say that amongst some of the ingredients in the "Wolfgang salad trio" are heirloom beets with goat cheese and citrus shallot vinaigrette, and asparagus with black truffle aioli (AGAIN-ITS KILLING ME) and mizuna leaves...I can only imagine the combination of these flavors with mizuna's slightly spicy and mildly peppery unique flavor! OK , palate is ready for entree!

I get to choose between pan roasted Dover sole with fennel, olives, haricot vertes, tomatoes, lemon, sherry and olive oil OR a vegetarian paella with saffron, white whine, chili and parsley! I will take both please!

Ouch, so here is the part I wake up and realize I did not go to the Governors ball 2011 Oscar after party, Hamachi and I did not spend the entire appetizer course together, nor did my ricotta and truffle pizza melt perfectly in my mouth bite after delicious bite.

However I am pleased I know what will be served, and am now free to plan my next dinner out with my wonderful husband as a salivate and slowly recover from my Oscar dream. I may just have to scope out this truffle ricotta pizza deal or I may opt for the hamachi, OR BOTH! For now I am off to watch the oscars as the red carpet arrivals are under way. My husband is stepping out to pick up something yummy for us, as I refuse to cook tonight and am on strike for not going to the governor's ball! Yes, he's going to get pick up as we are not in a "delivery mood" on Oscar Sunday, pick up is fancier!

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