Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spa and Soup

Wow, Mexico really did a number not just on my nerves (still trying to live down my husbands passport ordeal) but on my Immune System! I have been fighting everything from a cold to a cough to a stomach bug since the day we got back to LA. Needless to say, after days of playing catch up at work and home, my body broke down. So one quick visit to the doctor later and an order to take it easy, I was forced to stay home from work today.

I decided to take this "sick-day" opportunity to go check out a Korean Spa my friend Patricia has been talking about for some time now . She's now two for two as far as recommendations go, as she is the one who suggested Fig & Olive which I loved, and now this heavenly place that whooped my tushy back to health (well not completely but I am getting there)!

Not only was this a heavenly, confusing, liberating and therapeutic experience for my body, but as an added bonus this turned into taste bud pampering as well! You can imagine my surprise and joy when after walking up to the co-ed area following a crazy good scrub, massage/abuse/bath combo I discovered they served FOOD. And I am not talking spa-food, you know light salads, sandwiches, etc. oh no...this was Korean Food. Delicious smelling traditional Korean food, accompanied by tasty Banchan "small dishes of food served along with rice in Korean cuisine" such as Kimchi (Korean fermented vegetable dish usually made with nappa cabbage and other spices).

I hesitated ordering for all of 30 seconds as the smells were too good to give me any doubt. There were also several people sitting cross- legged on the floor at low tables eating with such vigor and intensity that it only made we want to try the food more. Gladly I did!

People eating at the Korean Spa
As I pondered the menu and salivated over pictures of Seafood Noodle soups and my FAVORITE Bulgogi (thinly sliced prime cuts of beef traditionally marinated in soy sauce, garlic, scallions, pepper, onions ans sugar, before it is grilled to perfection), I took a deep breath in and snapped back to reality. This was not an easy task given the intoxicating smells coming out of the kitchen, but I needed to stay focused when choosing my meal. After all I was there to heal myself, specifically from a sore throat. After a brief silent mourning for Bulgogi, I ordered the Vegetable soup written on the Specials Board. 

Korean Vegetable Soup
The soup had a creamy thick consistency
and was filled with carrots, peas, broccoli,
corn, zucchini, scallions, noodles.
Slightly sweet and spicy it felt
soothing and healing in my mouth.
So tasty!

The Banchan served with my Soup was
spicy citrus pickled radish with soy sauce
and jalapeno. I asked for seconds as this was so delicious.

The sweet lady with heavily accented English took my soup order and suggested I use one of the Saunas in the co-ed area while I waited, I took her advice and chose the Jade Sauna. I patiently waited for my soup as I laid there on a floor mat of the pleasantly heated room, meditating (trying at least as the soup was clouding my mind) with a wooden block under my neck gently propping my head. I swear I felt my body healing itself more and more with each passing minute. My soup was ready shortly after, and I inhaled it in less then 10 minutes, not caring how hot it was...again I was determined to heal myself.  

OK seriously this may have been one of the best days I have had in a very long time. The treatment was almost 2 hours long and compared to traditional spas, such as Burke Williams, Hotel Spas, etc. cost next to nothing! I was scrubbed, massaged, washed, bathed in milk, you name it. All joking aside however, the treatment although brutal at times and laking a touch in the "customer service department", was absolutely PHENOMENAL. I could care less that my therapist only said 4 phrases to me "Face up, Face Down, On Your Side and Stand Up". I LOVED IT ALL! I can't wait to go back sometime soon, and not just for the treatment, I WANT MORE FOOD!

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