Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodbye Favorite Foods (For Now)

I believe it's human nature to desire things we cannot have. In relation to this particular post I will be talking about food of course. Things I LOVE to eat but for the past 15 weeks and for about 25 more, will not be able to.
In case you may have guessed (40 weeks total, food restrictions), we will be adding to the Hendelman household around Valentine's 2012. Which explains this post from a few weeks back, who knew?! First official crazy craving.

No, cupid is not coming for a visit (well sort of) but a little baby is! Honestly thought we were done as Ben and Lia are quite and adorable handful as is. BUT, much to my husbands surprise (you see he's been wanting a "basketball team" of kiddos since the day we got married-I was DONE after 2) I suddenly couldn't bare the thought of not having just one more little cuteness to love.

 So here we are, and the list of "foods pregnant women should avoid" is ever present in my mind. I swear it has only grown since I had my kids in 2004 and 2006. Don't get me wrong, avoiding a few things here and there is well worth the sacrifice for a few months. After all the reward is a healthy little bundle. HOWEVER, these days "THE LIST" has gone too far! Top 2 for me are: NO sushi (STAB IN MY HEART), NO Unpasteurized CHEESE (WHAT!).
Soon to be Big Brother and Sister

The cheese and and the sushi I expected and heavily weighed my decision for a third child based on that!  Fine, I am only joking as taking a break from a few fave foods for 9 months, obviously pales in comparison to creating life. However, this last one did me in. This NO NO on the list took it to the next level as I did not expect it nor planned on avoiding it. As I said, "We always want what we cannot have"!

Goodbye Proschuito, Salami and favorite cheese!
Goodbye Pate!!!!!!!!

This surprising NO NO is Deli meats, cured meats, pates, all types, all varieties, UNLESS they are thoroughly heated to 160 degrees. Goodbye Charcuterie, Mortadela and my ULTIMATE PATE! No pate of any kind! Can you hear me weep! Apparently deli meats can be contaminated with Listeria. A harmful bacteria that can sometimes lead to serious illness. SCARY, not worth the risk BUT I have been dying for a nice cold cut filled sandwich ever since. What I wouldn't do for The Godmother

Goodbye Godmother!
I've been weeping far too long, and thus on a recent trip to Bristish Columbia I decided to be proactive instead and seek out a fullfilling replacement for my temporary No No's. I found it in Vancouver at
The Dirty Apron Cooking School and Delicatessen A wonderful place I was fortunate enough to visit a few hours before our return flight to Los Angeles on our last day in this gorgeous city. I won't be flying back to Vancouver anytime soon, but will definitely try to recreate the sandwich at home.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich
Assembled on a fresh baked soft crisp baguette, it was filled with moist chicken pieces, chipotle mayo, roasted tomatoes, nutty tangy Parmesan, watercress and the surprisingly delicious addition of briny, yummy, salty anchovies! I was hooked from the first bite. Such bold flavors yet balanced in a way that made the sandwich so smooth and delicate. The chicken was mild and melted with every bite, the Parmesan and pleasantly salty anchovies took the mildness to WOW, and the slight sweetness and acidity of the roasted tomatoes just rocked my world.

Farewell for now as I am off to eat dinner. Picking up some sushi, cooked and vegie rolls of course! After all I am trying to be a good "vessel" as my husband reffers to me these days. I am feeling better already having shared my big news with my readers. The prospect of scoping out more "No No" replacements is getting me excited, I shall seek and keep you posted as to what I find!

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  1. Of all the mouth watering pics you've got up on the site, the yummiest is the one of the kids! So cute! And so worth the sacrifice of sushi and deli meats! Although I do feel your pain. Can't wait to hear where your cravings and creativity lead you next!