Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A decadent Anniversary Dinner

Things are mellowing out a bit now that "Celebration Filled September" has passed. Last week was filled with festivities and TONS of delicious food. Rosh Hashanah dinner (Jewish New Year) was mouthwatering beyond words. But I will save the details of that feast for a different post as it deserves to stand on its own. I would however like to share another joyous dinner from last week and that was our 9th wedding anniversary dinner at Bouchon in Beverly Hills.

Thrilled to be leaving to a weeknight dinner!

This French Bistro from Thomas Keller (yes the genius behind French Laundry in Napa did not disappoint. We had a solid, decadent meal the highlight of which was definitely the Plat Principaux (main course) in our case the Steak Frites. This pan seared prime flatiron smothered with caramelized shallots and an herb butter was one of the best steaks I have ever had. And this coming from someone who is generally not a meat eater, unless I am pregnant apparently. Yes the meat aversions have clearly passed and I am fully embracing my new found carnivorous ways.

Steak Frites at BOUCHON
We are so conditioned to think that if its not a tenderloin (especially at up scale restaurants) then don't expect it to melt in your mouth. Little do we know apparently, or maybe it was just I who was clueless BUT this cut did melt. With its gorgeous marbling ever so noticeable throughout and this ridiculous topping of caramelized shallot and Maître d'Hôtel Butter (which I learned is simply compound butter with herbs and or seasonings added to it) this steak was special. I am seriously considering writing Mr.Keller a letter begging he consider bottling and selling the shallot mixture. Because if he did, I would spread it on anything I could be it a warm slice of fresh baked bread or my face!

Terrine de Foie Gras de Canard

As you see, the main course left such an impression I am working my way backwards through the meal. Our starters were quite delicious as well. The Foie Gras Terrine in above pic was served chilled with a side of toasted bread. Scooping it out and watching it melt over in to every crevice of the warm toast was hypnotizing and plain incredible. I can't even speak of the taste as I am so bias when it comes to pate of any kind....there is no doing wrong by me. I will also try not to tell my OBGYN that I have slipped up and had pate as I am not really supposed to. Oh well, I am certain the little boy growing inside me was thrilled to have experienced Foie Gras for the first time.

Beet Salad
Another one of our special appetizers was a gorgeous beet salad. Upon arrival at our table, it was seriously so beautiful it took a moment to register that this was the salad. I can't even fully describe the taste. This was the type of dish which when sharing with someone else, the way in which you will experiance it will completely differ from the person you are sharing it with. We did agree that it was unique and delicious in an understated sort of way. The beets possessed an earthiness unlike any I've ever tasted. They were cooked to perfection and seasoned ever so mildly that their true colors (literally) and simple flavors really shone. 


With hardly any room left for desert, I ordered the special of the night Fuji Apple Tart to go (had it in the morning with a few co-workers and it was buttery, sweet goodness). However my husband couldn't stand the thought of leaving without actually consuming something sweet and wonderful right there at the restaurant. He talked me in to the Profiteroles filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and ensured we'd only take a bite. Well that didn't pan out as seeing the warm chocolate sauce poured over the cold wonderful plump ice cream filled pastry, somehow miraculously erased the absurd fullness of our bellies. We ate all three, every single bit and every little drop of sauce. Thanks Bouchon for a wonderful stroll trough Paris and a satisfying, rich and decadent dinner to remember!

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