Friday, March 25, 2011

Fig & Olive-We Never Made it to Main Course

When I heard from my good friend Patricia that Fig & Olive was now open in LA, I immediately knew I had to go. I am always excited and curious to try new places, especially one that has 4 existing locations in New York. I jumped right on and called for a reservation. Naively I expected to get in (well at least my appetite did) on a Saturday night, when calling the Thursday prior, this was not to be the case.

Provence Vegetables and Burrata
The creaminess and simplicity if the burrata combined
with the acidity and the sweetness of the heirloom tomato
and the addition of the pesto is divine!

Fig Gorgonzola Tartlet
Warm gorgonzola, prosciutto, walnut, arugula, tomato
on a fine puff pastry.
This really put us over the edge. The combination of the
rich flavors and the warmth of the buttery pastry were the
perfect match in every bite.
As with any "new & trendy " restaurant in LA let alone one that opened less then 1 month ago, they politely declined my request and suggested I try a different day. I hung up the phone, emailed my girlfriend in NY, asking if she had ever been. After all, I needed a friends opinion and details while I patiently waited my turn. She hadn't but said she'd suggest her husband take a business associate there for a dinner meeting. He did, but wasn't much help in the "dining description department" but did say say it was good enough to bring his wife back. This was enough for me as he is pretty particular when it comes to food, so if they managed to please him even a little, then all would be OK.

After 2 weeks of patiently waiting to dine at this East Coast staple, Olive Oil centered restaurant (all of their dishes are prepared with Extra Virgin Olive Oil), I settled for a Tuesday evening. So with my palate ready to be tickled by Italian, Spanish and South of France flavors, my hubby and I embarked on this date-night rendezvous. I must say we were not disappointed. The food was excellent, service solid, and the dishes (especially the Beef Carpaccio) quite memorable.
Beef Carpaccio
This perfect 4 ingredient dish is so simple yet so full of complex flavors.
Comprised of thin slices of filet mignon, topped with tangy baby arugula,
grated fresh parmesan, and drizzled with olive oil and 18year aged balsamic
each bite took me straight to HEAVEN!

The menu consisted of way too many items I was salivating over. I asked the waiter which ones we absolutely HAD to try. He pointed out some musts, I should not say pointed...he made kissing noises by bringing his fingers to his mouth to help create the full affect of how amazing he considered his suggestions to be.

I was so excited by his recommendations and pleased that he seemed to fully comprehend my "food-passion related psychosis". He not only helped lay out a game plan for our dinner, but saw the importance of my needing to try all the "musts" he mentioned. In addition he suggested  we check in periodically to see if we had any room left for main course. Needless to say we never made it to the main course, but did try a desert ...a desert (and I quote our waiter) "Garnished with cherries hand picked by nuns in Italy".

Crostini Trio
1. Mushroom, trufled artichoke & Parmesan
2. Manchego, Fig, Marcona Almond
3. Shrimp, Avocado, Cilantro Tomato
I am making it my mission to go back and try all the Crostini
on their menu, as they are truly the perfect bites. 
Regardless of the toppings one chooses, the freshness
and purity of each ingredient is undeniable.
I am further investigating this statement and trying not to harbor "ill-feelings" towards my husband for making fun of this claim! Nuns or no nuns, I am certain the Carpaccio and the Burrata were blessed by someone, if not hand picked by Italian nuns. I plan on returning very soon for the main course. I know exactly what I will order. The Penne Funghi Tartufo with Cremini mushroom, black trumpet, parmesan, parsley, scallion and White Truffle Olive Oil. I witnessed the woman sitting next to me devour every last drop of this heavenly smelling creation. I must admit I leaned over to smell it so many times I almost fell off my chair.

So as it stands, I will call to make another dinner reservation very soon. Their generosity in the use of truffles, beautiful balsamic and olive oils is still lingering in my mouth. Welcome to Los Angeles Fig & Olive!


Dessert Crostini
Amarena Cherry (Yes the ones had-picked by Nuns in Italy)
Mascarpone, Pistachio on Shortbread
with Micro Basil.


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