Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Breakfast

Taking a break from our "egg-in a hole" Saturday morning ritual, usually involves scoping out a yummy new breakfast place. I must admit, we often stick with the tried and true like Charlies Coffee Shop at the Farmer's Market on 3rd & Fairfax. This old school diner is hands down the best for a traditional breakfast. I have been coming here since I was 14 when my best friend Alla worked there.

Charlies french toast is the absolute best. Thick triangles of egg-bread dipped into a sweetened egg batter and cooked on a griddle until golden, moist and delicious. Served lightly dusted with powdered sugar it is so good. I love mine with maple syrup and lick the plate every single time. I don't know what it is but the bread and the custard-like batter they use makes this french toast truly special. Every single warm sweet bite melts in your mouth. I am drooling just thinking about it.

The corned beef hash (Alla's fave-she orders it extra crispy/well done) and eggs is a must. My kids love the dollar size pancakes and the chocolate chip ones of course. They also have blueberry and banana nut pancakes that are prefect! So if you ever feel like a no frills, straight forward traditional American breakfast, Charlies Coffee Shop is always a winner for me.

Figaro Bistro on Vermont in Los Angeles 
 Yesterday morning we decided to skip Charlies and try something new. I was in an eggy kind of mood as usual and was feeling French. I mean I wasn't "feeling like a french person" as I am not exactly sure what that would feel like :) I mean I was in the mood for Paris. As in craving to be in Paris in a little sidewalk bistro I so miss from the last time I was there in 2002. Thus we made our way to Figaro Bistro on Vermont in Los Angeles

I have had lunch and dinner here before and they have always fulfilled my "I wanna feel like I'm in Paris" craving, so we decided to give breakfast a try. I must tell you, it worked! The food was good, the atmosphere so pleasant, the service great but the best part if this whole outing was THE BREAD.
Figaro Bread Basket Before

Figaro Bread Basket After

 The bread basket was served the moment we sat down. Warm slices of fresh baked, white bread, olive and the best raisin walnut bread served with jam and butter on the side! We devoured everything and in hindsight could have easily just eaten the bread with a great cup of coffee. Thankfully we stopped and had a tasty breakfast of poached eggs with asparagus for me, a croissant parisian for my hubby and a giant almost cake-like pancake with homemade whipped cream, apple compote and strawberries for the kiddos.

All the tasty breads are sold up front at the counter for $6 per loaf, should you feel the heaping bread basket you get at the table is not enough. I made the mistake of not purchasing extra for home and am still mourning this decision. I have every intention of returning to Figaro soon for the raisin walnut bread. I bet it will be amazing with a bit of foie gras pate on it or some triple cream with a little nutella and a touch of sea salt! Ok I need to eat asap.

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