Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Shawarma that lead to my Dietary Demise-sort off

Every Thursday I have an after work ritual that consists of planning what I will prepare for Shabbat dinner and going to my local Kosher market to shop for the ingredients. I look forward to making something delicious for my family every Friday, as that it is often the one time during the week all four of us get to sit down together. We love to talk about the week (its incredible how much a 4 and 6 year old have to share about their life-so funny) and ooh and ah over yummy food.

Today however my shopping outing to Cambridge Market took place around 10am with my sick daughter in tow. So armed with a grocery list I was on a mission to make this quick, precise and without succumbing to temptation of the kosher Deli. A deli filled with home made middle eastern delicacies. Try the matbucha, a spicy dish consisting of tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, garlic and seasoned with chili pepper. My absolute favorite, especially if you dip a warm pita into it, or pour some over a runny sunny side up egg! I'd bathe in it if I could.YUM!

I was doing my thing, flying through my list, and was almost ready to walk away from the deli-having purchased a container of matbucha of course, when through the window of the kitchen I spotted something. I mountain of grilled, perfectly golden, turning slowly on a spit chicken Shawarma. I called over the sweet woman behind the counter, and asked if it was done. Since Shawarma typically can cook up to 1 day, and it was just 10:30am, I was hopping she would say no. This way I could avoid the temptation of eating chicken for breakfast. Oh how I did not want to hear that it was done, ready to be sliced, and in her heavily accented words "so good today and you must try it sweetheart".

The container I ate
What's a girl to do. I decided to get just a small side of it, roughly 1/2 a lb. and planned on sharing it with my husband for lunch. How I wish that this would have been the case, as it SO WASN'T!!!!! Within minutes of smelling the mouthwatering seasonings, I opened the to go container, took 1 bite of the crispy, crunchy, hot chicken meat, and it was over. I scarfed down the entire container within 5 minutes, walked back to the counter with my head held low, and asked the woman for seconds. After all I needed to bring some back for my husband, so he could partake in this experience and justify my consumption of chicken at 10:30 in the morning.

In case you are wondering if I regret doing this (by the way I am currently eyeing his portion that is sitting on my kitchen counter as I type)...the answer is No Way! It was so freakishly delicious. Instead of regret I am planning weather I will take a Yoga class or Pilates this evening to work off the calories. I think I may do both and go for a run to make room for Shabbat Dinner tomorrow. I am making a roasted butternut squash with shallots, garlic and balsamic vinegar, grilled asparagus with sea salt and a touch of olive oil, and broiled seas bass with a tomato, green olives, capers and lemon.

Have a Delicious weekend Y'all!

Truly Perfect Piece of Chicken Shawarma

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