Monday, March 28, 2011

"The Godmother"

On a recent gloomy Saturday morning, my husband suggested we spend the day in Santa Monica riding bikes, walking around, etc. Considering the weather it was unlike him to propose an activity involving a bit of a drive and beach. A lazy Saturday indoors on a day as such is way more up his alley. But after a quick weather check to ensure it would not rain, I agreed. Because overcast or not, cold or not, I never say no to Santa Monica, as I am certain that for the Hendelman  family, any outing in that direction will involve the "GODMOTHER" at Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery I was right, as it turned out the real reason he suggested "bike riding by the beach" was because he was craving what for us and many others could quite possibly be the GREATEST SANDWICH IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE.

How a sandwich can be so good is just beyond me. I am so grateful that thanks to a pregnancy craving for an "Italian Sub" almost 7 years ago, we found it! Took us a couple of days and a few misses, but when we did find the "GODMOTHER" it truly changed our life and I am certain it will change yours. I never expected that my love for it would continue after I had my son as I am not prone to loving sandwiches with such a passion. HOWEVER, this sandwich is now as permanent a part of my life as my own children! For nothing can make me stop craving and loving and enjoying and fantasising about this sandwich, never ever ever!

 "GODMOTHER" is worth waiting in line for, its worth driving an hour for if need be (we've done it on lunch breaks from Studio City to Santa Monica mid week) as it is truly mind blowing. Oh and by the way, this incredible deli has so many Italian specialties, wines, cheeses, imported sardines, olive oils, and about a dozen other sandwiches on the menu should you feel the need to deviate from the "GODMOTHER". Hands down you are certain to be pleased with anything you get there, my personal favorite is what I call "THE VEGETARIAN SPICY GODMOTHER" which has everything but the meats and creamy, tangy Havarti slices instead. When you order just ask for Vegetarian with the works, add Havarti, and don't forget to make it SPICY! The Spaghetti and Meatballs is a favorite of my kids, and comes with a generous chunk of that RIDICULOUSLY good bread on the side. YUM!

My Vegetarian with Havarti, Spicy!
A little bit about the Sandwiches at Bay Cities. The bread is a crucial part of this sandwich, they bake it on the premises, its crisp and soft and warm and prefect. The selection of meats and cheeses plentiful, and "the works" are what makes you speechless while you ooh and aah with every bite. "Works" is mayo, mustard (yellow, dijon or honey), onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, Italian dressing, and mild or hot pepper salad. Messy, spicy, tangy, chewy, tasty, goodness!

Every chance I get I talk about food, but when it comes to "The Godmother" hands down the Hendelman family's favorite sandwich in the universe, I will not stop talking. I will tell people I've just met, strangers in the street, friends, family, small children, anyone who will listen. I think that everyone must try the godmother at least once in their life, and since the number of its followers is infinite, this may in fact be possible! They have been open since 1925 after all.

The Last Bite

My kids scarfing down the bread in front of Bay Cities
"HOME of the Godmother"

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